Sonntag, 11. Januar 2009

Night Blue Mission

Source: No manufacturer given, Distribution by Vetura Groupe in France. Google reveals it to be part of the "Real-Time"-Perfume-Line. Real-Time has a couple of imiates out, distributed in various store chains all over europe, for example in "kik" in Germany, such as the edt called "submarine". Real Time is extremely cheap in wholesale, so that 100ml can retail for less than 3 Euros, i bought it on a market for 2.50 Euros.

Scent: I would have had no clue what this was supposed to be like. Google claims it's Bulgari Aqua, oh well, with some imagination maybe, they didn't really get close with that. It's a quite distinct smell that does not change at all over time, it's very synthetic.

Lasting Power: 3-5hours, there are imitates that are worse lasting, Bulgari Aqua however stays considerably longer.

Packaging: Cheap paper packaging, bottle looks alright, Cap doesn't exactly fit the bottle.

Verdict: Don't buy, even at this price. Bulgari Aqua smells more pleasent and is longer lasting.

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